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14 Jun
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7 Transforming Trends in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a rapidly changing and developing field. To stay relevant and competitive, adept digital marketers need to keep moving with the latest trends and advances.

However, not every marketing trend is here to stay; what works today may not work in the future. Keeping track of how the market is shifting and evolving is one of the key tasks of any digital marketer.

In this article, we’re going to discuss seven current trends in digital marketing that you need to be aware of and keep in mind.

1. Influencer powered marketing in social media

Customers are giving more and more importance to words they hear from social media influencers. Influencers can work as brand advocates, spread awareness and drive action from consumers.

In fact, their recommendations often get more attention than brand advertisements do. A recent survey by Tomson shows that businesses are making about 6.5 dollars for every 1 dollar spent on influencer marketing. 

2. Integration of different marketing channels and devices

Digital marketing is no longer a special tactic used only by select kinds of businesses. It has become an essential part of any sustainable marketing strategy.

Businesses are now implementing integrated marketing plans that include all channels, such as traditional, social and online marketing.

The diversity of devices is ever-increasing, and marketers are focusing on delivering consistent brand experiences that engage and retain customers across as many platforms as possible.

3. Hyper-targeting customers

Customised marketing is reaching new heights every day. Modern marketers are trying to deliver specific offers to people based on their preferences.

Thanks to the increasing availability of customer data, entire sales cycles are being tailored to increase conversions by targeting a particular group of customers. Also, remarketing techniques are playing an increasingly important role in reaching potential buyers.

4. The growing popularity of on-demand services and the sharing economy

Online shopping and on-demand services are gaining popularity, and marketers must take notice of this trend. The sharing economy also continues to grow, which has opened things up to a whole new wave of business and marketing opportunities.

A PWC report shows 19% of US adults regularly engage in sharing economy transactions. Services like Airbnb and Uber have pioneered a new era in this regard.

5. Greater access to consumer data

The increased use of mobile and handheld devices and a greater reliance on online services has meant that consumers are generating a lot more data than before.

One of the key challenges of digital marketing is deciding how to make use of this information to turn that into a competitive advantage. This kind of data is not only useful for personalised advertising; it can also help businesses gain insights into market trends.

6. The explosion of video based content

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a growing popularity of videos in social media websites and other digital formats. Often, users prefer to have information presented in such a way that allows it to be more easily consumed, which may explain the explosion of video-based content over this period.

The widespread availability of video recording devices has also played a role. Whatever the reason – video now makes up a big part of the digital content that people are engaging with and consuming.

In a 2014 survey, 52% percent of marketing professionals said that video content produces the best ROI. According to Google, 1 out of 4 people checks YouTube before making a purchasing decision. It’s clear that today’s marketers should be investing in the production of high-quality video content to attract customers.

7. Content publication is a mandatory part of branding

The Internet defines purchasing decisions of consumers now more than ever before. According to a study by Aberdeen, companies that put their focus on content marketing see a conversion rate six times higher than those who do not.

Creating and promoting online content has become mandatory for businesses to remain visible in search and social media. A large part of digital marketing is about creating helpful, interesting content that engages potential customers. Branded content that hits all the marks will turn out to be more and more valuable in near future.

It’s quite hard to predict the future when it comes to digital marketing. But the trends we mentioned above are surely going to influence this field in the upcoming years.

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