Jan, 29 2018

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The Uddokta Hub App offers a complete knowledge about business ideas and helps to start your own startup and make it a profitable company. This app is designed especially for young entrepreneurs, students and professionals, who wish to start on their own someday. All the information is provided by super successful entrepreneurs, investors and incubators, with their complete knowledge about the journey of a startup.
In this app we have described some small business that you can start and operate at your home. The most remarkable advantage of those business that does not require by anyone even at home. You will be happy to know that all the business concepts are already proven and applied.
Main Features:
১. আর্থিক
২. পরিকল্পনা
৩. প্রযুক্তি
৪. ব্যবসার আইডিয়া
৫. আইনসংক্রান্ত
৬. কৃষিবিদ্যা

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