Jun, 27 2018

Stock Manager with Invoice & Account Solutions

Stock manager is genuine invoicing and automated inventory management solution for small to enterprise level business organizations. Packed with several exclusive features without cutting the performance.

Currently, there is many invoicing and stock management software available. However some software come with several features and nice design but, the main problem they become leggy after use of some days. So we decided to make a software which has unlimited transactions ability without any lagging issue.

Additionally, we took the care of most popular features and user requirements. This software is super resources friendly and can run on low powered machines.

A complete business solution to manage your business with a singe software. it has the following features.


  • Create Invoices, Quotes and Purchase Receipts
  • Recurring Invoices
  • Four Statuses : Paid, Due, Pending, Cancelled
  • Per Item Discount Flat or in %
  • Cash, Bank Transfer, Paypal & Card Payments
  • Inclusive & Exclusive TAX option
  • Payment Reminders, Partial Payments
  • Link Sales To Bank Account

Income Expense Management

Data & Reports



This application has no special requirement, It can run on very basic configured and low powered system. It requires only PHP 5.3 or later with MySQL, which is very common in current market.
To view live preview, click on the Live Demo and give the email and password given below – 

 Live Demo

Email(username): admin

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